16' Weight Forward

Clackacraft Eddy

When it comes to diversity, the ClackaCraft 16WF is the real deal; it is designed to float small, medium and large flowing rivers throughout North America.

Originally intended for the professional fly fishing guide, the 16WF has evolved into a boat desired by fisherman that want a multi-use drift boat that will float a wide range of waters, from small streams to large rivers and lakes.

ClackaCraft has integrated their highly successful GulfStream® into the 16WF. Engineered to work harmoniously together, ClackaCraft’s Exclusive GulfStream® bottom and Tunnel Hull Technology have elevated the “row-ability” of the ClackaCraft 16WF, creating a great handling and highly maneuverable boat.

After 30 Years of building drift boats we know what Fly Anglers want: spacious, roomy interiors with nothing to trip over or to catch fly lines.
Clackacraft 16WF

The ClackaCraft 16WF (Weight Forward) model is designed for serious fishermen. When compared to the other Standard Side Models, the interior of the 16WF sits 6" foreword for better balance. Because of the 16WF's ample flat bottom, it has a very shallow draft, even when loaded to capacity with fishermen and extra gear.

The front and rear swivel fold-down seats are mounted on pedestals that allow thefisherman to walk completely around the front and rear seats for greater mobility. As a bonus, the lid hinges forward for access to the dry storage compartments beneath the seats. Both the front and rear fishermen enjoy large level casting platforms for solid footing and comfort. The 16WF comes standard with an adjustable oarsman's bench seat for level balance as the load configuration changes.

All of our 16LP models are equipped with reverse rod holders as standard equipment
Clackacraft 16WF

Features included on the ClackaCraft 16WF

  • GulfStream® Bottom
  • Tunnel Hull Technology
  • Integrated reversed rod holders
  • Front knee brace
  • Under deck storage
  • Front and rear raised level floors
  • Front and rear lockable storage boxes
  • Easy access interior side compartment storage
  • Ergonomically designed foot brace
  • Rower’s bench with tractor seat (adjustable)
  • Rower’s bench storage (lockable)
  • Rear knee brace
  • Two swivel fold-down padded seats
  • Your choice of anchor system
  • Heavy duty bronze oar locks
  • Drain plugs
  • Numerous beverage holders
  • Your choice of colors
  • 100 Year Guarantee against bottom punctures and leaks

Specifications - 16' x 57"

  • Centerline 16'
  • Gunwales 17' 4"
  • Beam 83"
  • Oar Lock Height 25"
  • Bottom Width 57"
  • Side Height 23"
  • 4 Person Capacity


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1997 15LP Hyde $5595
2014 Clacka EDDY Std. $7695
2013 16 WF Clackacraft $4695
2010 Clacka 16LP Fly Pod $7795
2012 Clacka EDDY $7895
2008 16LP Clackacraft Driftboat $6995
2014 Clacka EDDY Standard $7695
2003 16 WF Clackacraft Driftboat $4695
2006 Headhunter Skiff $6295
2014 Clacka EDDY Fly Pod #1416 $8950
2014 Clacka EDDY Mega Box $8,180
2007 15LP Clackacraft Driftboat $6495
2006 16LP Clackacraft Driftboat $6095



Gary Beebe

Gary Beebe

Mountain Driftboat is owned and operated by Gary Beebe, a 28-year fly fishing guide veteran. Gary has guided in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Because of Gary's personal knowledge of the rivers in the West, he can help you pick the driftboat that will be right for you.