Pre-Owned Boats

Mountain Driftboat's pre-owned driftboat and skiff packages change daily. Please give us a call to get an update on our present pre-owned inventory.

All driftboat and skiff packages come with a trailer, oars, anchor, and anchor rope. All pre-owned boats come with Clacka's lifetime guarantee against bottom punctures and leaks. Call to ask about our lay-away program.

The following are examples of some Mountain Driftboat pre-owned boat packages:


1983 15' Clackacraft & Trailer

This completely restored 1983 Clackacraft is ready to float. The interior and exterior have recently been repainted with a marine finish. Boat, Trailer and Oars ready to fish. $3500.

2015 16LP

You're not going to find a cleaner 2015 16LP anywhere. This one will not last long. It comes on a galvanized trailer, is equipped with new Sawyer oars, a new 30# pyramid cast iron anchor, motor mount, anchor nest and is priced to sell at $7,595.

2001 16WF Clackacraft & Trailer

This 2001 16WF Clackacraft and trailer have been completely restored. The package comes complete with new Sawyer Pole Cat oars, 30# cast iron anchor and 50ft anchor rope. Ready to fish. $5695

2009 18' Clacka Max

This 2009 18' Clacka Max comes with some nice upgrades: Sawyer Square Top oars, two captain's chairs, motor mount, spare tire and mount, and a custom anchor carrier. $8700. Please email us if you would like more details.

1999 Clacka 15LP

Ready to fish. $5995.

2014 16ft. EDDY Std.

This EDDY is in excellent condition. All you need to do is add some water and a couple of fishermen. $7895.

2008 15LP

The previous owner took excellent care of this boat. He kept it garaged, and it shows! $6495

2014 EDDY/Yeti

This 2014 EDDY with a Yeti cooler and swivel seat up front is a great set up. By putting the cooler forward and in the center of the boat it improves the overall balance of the boat. This EDDY, as shown with a new Yeti cooler and new galvanized trailer, is $8,645.

2010 Clacka 16LP Fly Pod

Super clean 2010 Clacka 16LP Fly Pod. This one won't last long. It has loads of extras ... Galvy trailer, spare tire and mount, motor mount and anchor next. Call for more details. $7795.

2012 Clacka EDDY

This 2012 Clacka is in excellent condition and ready to go. The olive drab exterior is one of our most popular colors. $7895 for the package.

2008 16LP

We went thru this 2008 16lp bow to stern and it's ready to fish. $6,995 for the package. Please give us a call for more info on this boat and for our updated used inventory list.

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Some of the Ones
That Got Away

1997 15LP Hyde $5595
2014 Clacka EDDY Std. $7695
2013 16 WF Clackacraft $4695
2010 Clacka 16LP Fly Pod $7795
2012 Clacka EDDY $7895
2008 16LP Clackacraft Driftboat $6995
2014 Clacka EDDY Standard $7695
2003 16 WF Clackacraft Driftboat $4695
2006 Headhunter Skiff $6295
2014 Clacka EDDY Fly Pod #1416 $8950
2014 Clacka EDDY Mega Box $8,180
2007 15LP Clackacraft Driftboat $6495
2006 16LP Clackacraft Driftboat $6095



Gary Beebe

Gary Beebe

Mountain Driftboat is owned and operated by Gary Beebe, a 28-year fly fishing guide veteran. Gary has guided in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Because of Gary's personal knowledge of the rivers in the West, he can help you pick the driftboat that will be right for you.