Motor Mounts for Driftboats


If you're going to use a motor on your Driftboat, you're going to need a motor mount. The motor mount will accommodate motors 2.5hp and up to a 6hp. Here are three reasons the motor mount will improve the performance of your boat:

  1. It allows the anchor bracket to remain in the center of the boat. No more offset anchor masts.
  2. It allows the motor to be put in the optimum tilt position with relationship to the water.
  3. It makes the motor easier to steer and swivel for reverse.



  • Motor mount with stainless steel hardware and galvanized safety chain: $230
  • Anchor nest - It is a great addition for carrying the anchor while motoring: $129
  • Over the transom tail drop Anchor Mast: $160

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Gary Beebe

Gary Beebe

Mountain Driftboat is owned and operated by Gary Beebe, a 30-year fly fishing guide veteran. Gary has guided in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Because of Gary's personal knowledge of the rivers in the West, he can help you pick the driftboat oars and accessories that will be right for you.