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Mountain Driftboat oars have become the most popular oar with professional guides in the Greater Yellowstone area. The oars are hand-made in Oregon to Mountain Driftboats' specifications.

These oars are designed for rowing a driftboat. The spoon blade will move a lot of water but also works well in shallow water conditions. It is one of the lightest oars on the market and also one of the strongest. The shaft is laminated wood which gives the oar the flex and feel you can only get from wood.

The blade is carbon fiber, the lightest and strongest material used in oar construction today. This oar is the perfect complement to the new bottom technology under the ClackaCraft driftboat.

The Dyno X standard top and square top or Carbon wrapped standard top and square top are all the same price. All oars come rope wrapped and rubber stopped.

Mountain Driftboat Oars by Sawyer


From left to right: 1) Bandit, 2) Dyno X Square Top, 3) Spare Tire 3-piece break down, 4) Polecat, 5) Carbon Wrap Square Top, 6) Carbon Wrap Standard Top, 7) Dyno X / V Lam / Standard Top (Click on image for a larger view)

8' - $412.00 ea
8'6" - $432.00 ea
9' - $452.00 ea
9'3" / 9'4" / 9'6" - $472.00 ea
10' - $502.00 ea
9' Smoker Bandit Oar - $530.00 ea
9'6" Smoker Bandit Oar - $540.00 ea
Recommend: Use the Cobra oar locks w/ the Smoker Bandit Oars - $64.00 ea
9' Sawyer Polecat Oar - $275 ea
9' Sawyer V-lam Square Top Oar - $482.00 ea
9' Sawyer  3-piece Breakdown Oar - $340.00 ea
7'11" Sawyer Spare Tire Oar - $270.00 ea
Sawyer Max Blade - $90.00 ea


Sawyer Utility Oar Deluxe: Full laminated Douglas Fir wood oar, tapered shaft, rope wrap, stop and pro tip.
     1) 7' - $172.83 ea / $345.66 pair
     2) 7'6" - $190.00 ea / $381.66 pair


SEND US AN EMAIL to order your oars and get a quote on shipping. Shipping cost will vary with oar length and your location. We like to communicate with you before we ship your oars to make sure you are getting the correct length of oar for your boat.


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Gary Beebe

Gary Beebe

Mountain Driftboat is owned and operated by Gary Beebe, a 30-year fly fishing guide veteran. Gary has guided in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Because of Gary's personal knowledge of the rivers in the West, he can help you pick the driftboat oars and accessories that will be right for you.